The following sources concern mainly the 13th century Crete, as in this phase of the project the database is not yet fed with material for the other Venetian colonies.

The main source of information is the archival documents, a great part of which remains unpublished. The documents, both public and private (notarial acts), are issued either in Venice or Crete. There are also a limited number of documents issued by the Catholic Church. The archival documents from Crete cover mainly the capital city of Candia and its department, and much less the rest of the island.

The available public documents of the 13th century, from the archival series of the Duke of Crete and the metropolitan offices as well, concern both Crete and the other Venetian colonies and they are not characterized by the variety of those preserved from the following centuries. The public documents include decisions of the doge and the councils of Venice, including the very important agreements between the doge of Venice and the settlers dispatched from Venice to Crete during the first half of the thirteenth century. From Crete, there is only a small number of public documents, which are mainly treaties signed by the dukes of Crete with the local rebels during the 13th century.

A very important source is the surviving land registers or otherwise “Cadastres of the fiefs of Crete" (Catastici Feudorum Crete). Although they cover a limited geographical area of Crete, they include valuable and rich information about the local prosopography and topography. Another important source is the so-called “Cadastre of the churches and monasteries of the state” (Catasticum ecclesiarum et monasteriorum comunis). This is a collection of documents, formed in 1320-1321 with the aim of clarifying the ownership status of churches and monasteries in the hinterland of Candia (i.e. Parachandakas and state villages), due to the dispute between the public and the local Latin archdiocese. This collection preserves many documents and rich prosopographical information of the 13th century.

The protocols of 13th century notaries of Crete (Notai di Candia), although limited (compared to those of later centuries), include a large number of contracts. Only parts of protocols of seven Cretan notaries have survived (six of them are published and one remains unpublished), which cover the period 1271-1306. Parts of protocols of five other notaries (all unpublished) cover the period 1316-1320.

For Crete, we dispose around 9.500 documents, about 6.000 of which are published and the rest remains unpublished. From the above total of documents, 3.750 are public documents and 5.750 are notarial acts.

Literary sources concerning Crete are quite limited and posterior. Among them, only one actually stands out, that of the “Chronicle of the History of Venice” by Lorenzo de Monacis. From its 16 chapters (libri), two concern exclusively the history of Crete from the beginning of the thirteenth century until the late 1360’s. The author had been chancellor of the ducal chancellery in Candia in the late 14th and early 15th centuries. He had at his disposal archival material of the time and for this reason his chronicle, compiled before his death in Crete in 1428, is considered reliable, especially in terms of prosopographical material.

List of sources


It is worth noting that in the present version of the Database not all the following sources concerning Crete have been included so far. The Database will be gradually enriched with new sources first from Crete and then from the other colonies, and will be updated in its next versions.

1. Published sources

1.1. Public documents from Venice (all colonies)
G. L. Fr. Tafel - G. M. Thomas, Urkunden zur älteren Handelsund Staatsgeschichte der Republik Venedig, v. 1, Vienna (Fontes Rerum Austriacarum, 13) 1856; v. 2, Vienna 1856; v. 3, Vienna 1857.
G. M. Thomas, Die ältesten Verordnungen der Venezianer für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Munich 1873.
R. Predelli, I libri commemoriali della Republica di Venezia. Regesti, v. 1-8, Venice 1876-1914.
S. M. Theotokis, Θεσπίσματα της Bενετικής Γερουσίας. 1281-1385, Mνημεία της Eλληνικής Iστορίας, v. B1, Athens 1936.
R. Cessi, Deliberazioni del Maggior Consiglio di Venezia, v. Ι-ΙΙΙ, Bologna 1931-1950.
Cassiere della bolla ducale. Grazie – Novus Liber (1299-1305), a cura di Elena Favaro, Venice 1962.
F. Thiriet, Délibérations des Assemblées vénitiennes concernant la Romanie, v. 1 (1160-1363), Paris 1966.

1.2. Public documents from Crete
G. M. Thomas, Commission des Dogen Andreas Dandolo für die Insul Creta vom Jahre 1350, Munich 1877.
E. Gerland, Das Archiv des Herzogs von Kandia im Königl. Staatsarchiv zu Venedig, Strasbourg 1899.
G. B. Cervellini, Documento inedito veneto-cretese del dugento, Padova 1906
G. Scaffini, Notizie intorno ai primi cento anni della dominazione veneta in Creta, Alessandria 1907, appendice.
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Z. N. Tsirpanlis, «Kατάστιχο εκκλησιών και μοναστηριών του Kοινού» (1248-1548), Ioannina 1985.
Ch. Gasparis, Catastici Feudorum Crete. Catasticum Sexterii Dorsoduri. 1227-1418, v. Α – Β, Athens 2004.
Ch. Gasparis, Catastici Feudorum Crete. Catasticum Chanee. 1314-1396, Athens 2008.

1.3. Notarial acts from Crete
Pietro Scardon. Imbreviature (1271). Documenti della colonia veneziana di Creta, a cura di A. Lombardo, Torino 1942.
Leonardo Marcello. Notaio in Candia. 1278-1281, a cura di M. Chiaudano - Antonino Lombardo, Venice 1960.
Pietro Pizolo. Notaio in Candia, a cura di S. Carbone, v. 1, 1300, Venice 1978· v. 2, 1304-1305, Venice 1985.
Benvenuto de Brixano. Notaio in Candia. 1301-1302, a cura di R. Morozzo della Rocca, Venice 1950.
Stefano Bono. Notaio in Candia (1303-1304), a cura di G. Pettenello and S. Tiepolo, Venice 2011.
The documents of Angelo de Cartura and Donato Fontanella Venetian notaries in fourteenth-century Crete, ed. A. M. Stahl, Washington 2000.
Wills from the Late Medieval Venetian Crete. 1312-1420, ed. Sally McKee, Washington 1998.

1.4. Notarial acts from Venice
Notaio di Venezia del sec. XIII. (1290-1292), a cura di Manuela Baroni, Venice 1977.
Documenti del commercio veneziano nei secoli XI-XIII, a cura di R. Morozzo della Rocca and A. Lombardo, v. II, Torino 1940.
Nuovi documenti del commercio veneto dei secoli XI-XIII, a cura di A. Lombardo and R. Morozzo della Rocca, Monumenti storici pubblicati dalla Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Venezie, Treviso 1953.

1.5. Literary sources (chronicles)
FLAMINIUS CORNELIUS, Creta Sacra, v. 2, Venice 1755 (Modena 1971)
LAURENTII DE MONACIS Veneti Cretae cancellarii chronicon de rebus Venetis ab U. C. ad annum MCCCLIV, Venetiis MDCCLVIII.

2. Unpublished sources

2.1. Public documents from Venice
ASV (= Archivio di Stato di Venezia), Senato, Misti, Deliberazioni Miste, Rubrica (1293-1384)
ASV, Maggior Consiglio, Deliberazioni. Registri, Fractus; Luna, Zaneta, Pilosus; Magnus et Capricornus; Presbiter
ASV, Minor Consiglio, Lettere. Registro (1308-1310)

2.2. Public documents from Crete
ASV, Duca di Candia, b. 19 (Catastica Varia)
ASV, Duca di Candia, b. 20 (Catastica Varia)
ASV, Duca di Candia, b. 26, q. 1 (1318-1320) (Sentenze)
ASV, Duca di Candia, b. 29, q. 1 (1318-1320) (Memoriali)

2.3. Notarial acts from Crete
ASV, Notai di Candia, b. 115, notaio Crescenzio Alessandrino (1281-1285)
ASV, Notai di Candia, b. 233, notaio Leonardo Querini (1316-1337)
ASV, Notai di Candia, b. 233, notaio Bartolomeo Querini (1317-1325)
ASV, Notai di Candia, b. 233, notaio Angelo Donno (1317-1330)
ASV, Notai di Candia, b. 9, 233, notaio Andrea de Bellamore (1318-1330)
ASV, Notai di Candia, b. 142, notaio Benedetto da Milano (1319-1330)

2.4. Literary sources (chronicles)
ANDREA CORNER, Historia di Candia, cod. marcianus 286, classe VI
NICOLO TREVISAN, cod. marcianus 519, classe VII, coll. 8438
ANTONIO KALERGIS, Commentarii delle cosse fatte dentro e fuori del Regno di Candia, scritti da Antonio Calergi, gentilhuomo venetiano, cod. marcianus 155, classe VI, coll. 5801